Reserves Management


This course covers key features using Val Nav to help clients manage their reserves database. 

  • Key features are: creating change records, promoting reserves and posting reserves.
  • Classroom examples follow two reserve cycles; the first with the creation of an un-posted or new database and the second demonstrating several different change record types with a posted or existing database. 


8:30 a.m.
Feb 08, 2018






A working knowledge of the principles of oil and gas reserves evaluation.  Knowledge of the basic functions and features of Val Nav is required prior to attending this course. Introduction to Val Nav and experience using Val Nav is recommended.

Intended Audience

Users of Val Nav reponsible for booking reserves and creating change records, promoting and posting a reserves database. Updating production, preparing a database for the next reporting period. This course benefits Reserves Management Coordinators rather than evaluators...but evaluators can benefit from having this knowledge.


  • Defining Change Record Categories
  • Balancing Entities – Single & Multiple
  • Verification of Balanced Entities
  • Reserves Revisions
  • Price File and Production Updates
  • Promoting between Reserves Plans
  • Reserves Reconciliation -Preparing for the next Posting
  • Reporting for Reserves Management


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