Value Navigator with Custom Products:

Because Not All Wells are Created Equal

We took the industry’s leading Reservoir Engineering, Forecasting and Evaluation Software and made it more robust and more efficient.

Customization features in the latest Val Nav allow you to capture more value from the varied production and injection products of every well. Now more than ever, Val Nav will help you gain greater confidence in your reserves calculations.

With Val Nav you can:

  • Forecast and perform decline analysis on condensate.
  • Effectively manage SAGD and other injection workflows.
  • Get more done, faster, with new Preview and Hotkey modes.
  • Work more effectively with Ring Fences.
  • Visualize the impact of your work while making changes with new map features
  • Work internationally with fiscal regimes for more than 40 countries.
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Capture the full value of your reserves

Fully and easily track injectables, water floods and condensate.

  • Create your own custom injection or production products based on your unique well conditions.
  • Perform decline analysis on all custom products.
  • Determine best fit forecasts for condensate.
  • More easily support specialized workflows like SAGD and other injection schemes.
  • Track and report condensate as a full-fledged product and include it in your corporate results.
  • Analyze condensate-gas ratios (declines and constant ratios).

More cohesion with accounting systems and royalty incentives

  • Match unique capital and operating costs from your corporate accounting system with custom costs.
  • Automatic calculation of the default Canadian royalty incentives based on the data available from each well.

Improved productivity when working with ring fences or common termination entities

  • Preview the impact of changes without triggering a complete recalculation of the entire set of wells.

Improved reporting capabilities

Easily create your own custom graphs.

  • Automatic selection of the most appropriate graphs and reports based on the entity type, product list, or geographic location of the well.
  • Customize single-line multi-entity report tables for faster and easier complete summary and detail style reports.
  • Include custom products in graphing and reporting.

Navigate your daily work with quick, intuitive keystroke commands

  • Increase your productivity while performing manual decline analysis with the new Hot Key mode.

Enhanced Fiscal Regimes

We have added functionality to the Fiscal Regimes dialog to make creating and using custom regimes easier:

  • Extended list of allocation variables, including custom results fields and new allocation basis variables that can be created using simple formulas
  • Visualisation improvements in the regimes editor and on entities to make inputs easier to follow