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Energy Navigator specializes in capital and reserve asset management software for the oil and gas industry. Our software, expertise and support provide a better way for our clients to meet their business goals.


Automate your AFE process and improve capital cost management.


Fast and accurate forecasting, reporting and reserves management.


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Elements of an Accurate Production Forecast

Examining some of the findings of recent work done in the field of decline curve analysis that show the elements needed for accurate forecasting.

Quick Link: Free Val Nav Software for Unemployed Oil & Gas Professionals

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Optimizing Your AFE Process for Efficiency and Cost Saving

The most competitive oil and gas companies are using software technology to eliminate waste, identify areas of efficiencies and undertake best practices to better control costs and manage capital expenditures.


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We're pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Rod Sidle as Industry Advisor – Reserves Management. Mr. Sidle brings to Energy Navigator and its clients vast experience in U.S. and international reservoir engineering and economics with a focus on reserves estimation.


Energy Navigator has released Val Nav 6.6.2 with new Alberta royalty calculations that will allow Alberta stakeholders to preview the potential impacts of the Modernized Royalty Framework (MRF).