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Energy Navigator specializes in capital and reserve asset management software for the oil and gas industry. Our software, expertise and support provide a better way for our clients to meet their business goals.


Automate your AFE process and improve capital cost management.


Fast and accurate forecasting, reporting and reserves management.


Expert technical support, training, 24/7 support site and an online user forum.


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Why Oil and Gas Companies Need to Worry Less about Costs and More about Forecasts

While producers are focused on lowering costs, opex and capex only account for less than a third of the total uncertainty around the Net Present Value (NPV) of a producing property. Instead, they need to focus on more accurate forecasts to ensure profitability.

Is Pay Per Use Customer Service Truly Customer Service at All?

Companies deserve to work with software providers who are true partners and have some skin in the game – if their software doesn't deliver, or needs training, support and upgrading in order to better deliver – why should the client have to pay for that?

How to Find Savings and Efficiencies in Plant and Battery Operations

When taking a close look at all aspect of operations to find opportunities to find savings and greater efficiency, make sure to examine your plant and battery operations, whether you directly operate the facilities or not.


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World renowned expert in the field of petroleum reservoir engineering, W. John Lee, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, has joined the Energy Navigator team as Senior Consulting Engineer.


Energy Navigator is proud to announce the release of the latest version of its capital tracking software, AFE Navigator 8.1, the first to offer a completely new non-AFE workflow.