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Energy Navigator specializes in capital and reserve asset management software for the oil and gas industry. Our software, expertise and support provide a better way for our clients to meet their business goals.


Automate your AFE process and improve capital cost management.


Fast and accurate forecasting, reporting and reserves management.


Expert technical support, training, 24/7 support site and an online user forum.


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Use Analog Forecasts to Increase Cash Flow Management

Monthly cash flow management requires accurate short-term production forecasts. Learn how analog forecasts make this possible.

Four Quick Ways You Can Improve Cash Flow to Combat Low Commodity Prices

In our current environment of low commodity prices, producers are taking hard looks at their operations to wring as much cash flow as possible out of existing projects. Here are four quick things you can do to stimulate cash flow.

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Energy Navigator was founded on the belief that there is always a better way to get from data to decision. It’s our mantra and what motivates us to never stop researching; never stop listening to our clients; never stop working on improvements; and never stop sharing the things we learn.


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Energy Navigator is nominated as one of five finalists in the Best Overall Workplace (fewer than 100 employees category) for 2015.


Energy Navigator has release a new guide to help industry combat low commodity prices by increasing production and boosting cash flow.